Renaissance Patio Covers

Strong, Beautiful, Aspirational

Make the neighbors jealous. When you have a patio cover from Renaissance Patio Products installed, they’ll wonder how you can afford such a posh outdoor addition.

“You must have spent a fortune for this styling,” one of them will say.

You’ll smile.

Another will add, “Styled columns, styled header, very nicely done trusses.”

You’ll smile again.

And the engineer among your guests will say, “That finish is a powder coat — really holds up in Florida’s sun and salt.” He’ll take a closer look. “Good fit. And is that a nylon coating on the screw heads? No rust. Ever. I didn’t even notice the screws — they match the color of the framing so well.”

When your guests still see the smile on your face, they’ll figure you enjoy grilling. Or you enjoy them. But you’re really just having a good time fooling them: Although your Renaissance patio cover is loaded with the features every homeowner wants, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Attractive Patio Covers that Last

Every Renaissance patio cover has:

  • Our patio roofing, elegant pergolas and gazebos, and insect-proof screen rooms are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds. They’re strong enough to be built anywhere in Florida. Screws and anchors are corrosion-fighting stainless steel.
  • Lasting beauty. The precise fit that makes our structures strong also makes them attractive. The styling is tasteful, not faddish, so it will look fresh for years. And the no-maintenance powder coat resists cracking, blistering, peeling and chalking.

Full or Partial Shade

Renaissance gives you choices to beautify your home and creating the look and feel you want for years to come.

Moderno Patio Roofing and the more traditionally styled Classico Patio Roof have insulated aluminum roof panels that generate deep, cooling shade and completely shed rain.

The Fresco Patio Cover provides rain protection but keeps your patio bright. Its frame looks like a gazebo, but translucent triple-layer polycarbonate panels fill the spaces between trusses. They let in 70% of sunlight but filter out 99% of UV rays. Standing seams virtually eliminate the possibility of leaks. It’s made to commercial strength, so it even works outside restaurants.

An Aria Shade Trellis combines its pattern of 40 percent shade and overhead ventilation to cool a patio and the people on it. Renaissance aluminum pergolas have traditional appeal but are maintenance-free modern.

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Screen rooms can be made from any of our structures by having an installer enclose the sides with our purpose-made aluminum framing and mesh. They protect from insects, gulls and overzealous golf swings. They also can be lockable — great for children. Options allow customizing. Our patio roofing can safely hide wiring, so ceiling fans and lights are available.

Patio Covers To Make You Smile

So, keep on smiling when you turn from the grill and ask, “Steak, lobster — or both?” After all, with a Renaissance patio roof or pergola, you can afford to live a little.

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