End Friction Between You and Your Partners

The Enemies:
Incorrect invoices. Processing delays. Slow approvals. Errors & Fraud.

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Is your e-invoicing provider adding fuel to the friction fire?

Here are the most obvious indicators:

Your suppliers want their funds fast — without having to make repeated requests. Are your payments consistently late?

When you offer solutions that aren't compliant everywhere, that's a problem. Can you keep up with all the complex and constantly-changing tax requirements?

Transitioning to a new e-invoicing solution is challenging. Is your ROI slowing to a crawl because supplier adoption rates are sluggish?

Outsourcing analytics to third-parties is dangerous for data security. Are you guilty?


We're in the business of eliminating friction from your business.

Detailed Invoice Tracking

gives your suppliers instant access to payment status, while you retain the power to reject invoices with issues.
Field less calls, increase efficiency.

Tax-Artefact Compliance in 48 Countries

lets you do business around the world in more locations than any other trading network.
Tungsten Network is trusted globally.

White Glove Service for Onboarding

allows you and your suppliers to transition easily, no matter how big or small the operation. Quicker adoption and training is built into our system.

Single Portal Service

offers you insights all in one place, including Integrated Analytics. No more intrusive third-party handling of your data, or having to log into multiple portals.

Faster and Simpler Implementation

provides you with options for everything from e-invoicing processing to change management support.
Now you can focus on other things.


There's 'THEM' and there's

Don't let Accounts Payable become Accounts Regrettable.

Stop the friction now.

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Digitizing vs. Real E-Invoicing:

Are Your AP Processes Being Optimized ... or Compromised?

What isn't your e-invoicing provider providing?

See where your current solution is coming up short...

Free assessment: how ready are you for e-invoicing?

Find out if your organization has all the pieces in place to convert to a real e-invoicing solution.